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Electric Hot Water Bag

The Electrothermal Water Bag is the modern type of water bag that doesn’t need to be refilled every now and then. The device is already filled with water, and has a galvanothermal energy conversion agent that keeps water warm for 2 to 8 long hours. This truly makes it the better option over makeshift water bags that do little to keep water warm long enough to ease the pain you feel. Simply plug the device in a 220V socket and let it sit for 8 to 15 minutes or until the red light turns off automatically. Once done, the water bag is ready for use! Though electricity warms the water up, this nifty item has an automatic temperature control, which keeps it from overheating. It is made of high-quality plastic film and complex fiber for a leak-free factor, and has an internal pressure-protection device which restrains air expansion thus preventing accidental explosion. If in any case the bag expands, the exhaust outlet should be of help. With this innovative water bag, you won’t have to boil water and replace the one inside your old one. Plug it in, warm it up, and feel the warmth and comfort its velvet exterior gives.

1. Arthritic pain
2. Joint Aches
3. Period pains
4. Neck pain
5. Back aches
6. Muscle stiffness, aches and cramps
7. Chest colds
8. Cold hands and feet
9. Rheumatism
10. Migraine headaches
11. Act as alternative to Hot stone therapy during Post-natal massage – “Bertunku” and many more


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